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Conference 2013: abstracts

- Hotel, youth hostel in Lausanne

- Conference Program

The 7th International Conference of Panel Data Users in Switzerland took place on February 14 and 15 2013 at the University of Lausanne. Sessions were dedicated to the following topics: health and quality of life, labour market, inequality and poverty, family and gender, politics and attitudes, life course analysis, ethnic minorities and survey methodology.

Keynote speakers:

Jennifer Fitzgerald (Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA) is a specialist in comparative political behaviour, much of Jennifer’s work is based on longitudinal data and examines the effects of social ties and local contexts on political attitudes and vote choice in advanced democratic societies. See presentation.

Peter Lynn (Professor of Survey Methodology, ISER, University of Essex, UK) is specialized in research on all aspects of quantitative survey methodology, including sampling, weighting and estimation, non-response, response maximisation techniques, mode effects, measurement errors. See PowerPoint presentation.

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